Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Scammed and Scrammed!

Greetings from Hanoi!

In the past couple of weeks I have:
  • Come uncomfortably close to being scammed (and quite possibly held for ransom) for $26,000 by some Philipinos in Saigon. It's an unbelievable story and would make a great movie-ette!
  •  Quickly fled Saigon (see above)
  •  Been really really hot, then really really cold
  •  Seen a bunch of overpriced tombs and pagodas while starving on a bunk dragon boat in Hue.
  •  Eaten at least a gazillion spring rolls. 
  •  Gone on a very long hike to see some very short phalli (yes, that's what she said!), the enormiosity of which was grossly exaggerated by TBWSNBN! (see previous blog post)
  •  Lost all my shirts except one. Lost items include my "cowgirls need more than an 8 second ride" shirt, which I am still mourning. I think it must be somewhere in the vicinity of Angkor Wat - dang.
  • Realized that apparently all the stupid t-shirts in stupid Vietnam are made of synthetic material which I refuse to wear (see dot #6)
  •  Been up the coast via sleeping buses to: Na Trang, Hoi An, Hue, and now Hanoi. We had to skip some places on southern itinerary due to dot #1 (see above).
  •  Come to terms with the fact that everything in this country is marked up about 400% for honkies. I am not exaggerating. It gets exhausting  bargaining for a cup of coffee, a bunch of bananas, a place to sleep - argh!
  •  Bought a ticket to Bangkok. (see dots # 1-10 above). We fly out tonight on Quatar Airlines. I ain't never heard of Quatar Air - have you? Please send energy of the "happily and safely airborne" variety!
  •  Tried and tried in vain to log onto Facebook. Damn commies have it blocked. Not too big on freedom of speech. Facebook's dumb anyway - screw it!
  • Acquired a kickboard and have been toting it around since Saigon- man, I'm such a swim-dork! At least it doesn't weigh much!

And now I am off to pack once more...
I'll be back in Thailand by this time tomorrow...will write more later from civilization, where it's warm and safe and they have soft clothes!



  1. Can't wait to hear the abduction story, I'm sure it ranks right up there with the "drunk and lost in Costa Rica" story!

  2. If I had 26,ooo dollars I would send it to your kidnappers! I am glad you will be able to wear soft clothes again. I am in New Mexico in a blizzard, but I am warm and safe and wearing lots of soft clothing! I love you! Fran

  3. Blog on, Jean Marie, Blog on! We love hearing your adventures. Is the "It's not me.." shirt a goner too?! Steele won't stop asking when are you coming back to Austin. We have lots more SOFT t-shirts for you. HaPpY NEw YeAR, Sista! XO