Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Slave to Chickens has a Slight Change of Plans

Hi Y'all!

Originally, this was going to be an all-ages kinda writing scene.  

However, due to my desire to say whatever the fuck I want to here, the Habibi's-Child-Friendly blog has now taken on it's own discrete life. You can find it here:
That one'll be me and Penny going to town (and country) in a "G"-rated kinda way.



I am now T minus 21 days and counting until I head West! I have procured a perfect and small backpack for the occasion, and am mostly packed and rarin' to go!

Right now I'm house sitting.

My current life involves living in a magazine-worthy farmhouse outside of Dripping Springs, making sure I get home before sundown in order to insure the safety of a couple of not-so-bright chickens (apparently the country is rife with nefarious creatures), murdering innocent crickets for the sake of lizard longevity, and hanging out with a couple of labradors.

I'm diggin' it.

Butt Eggs
The egg-laying chickens have made me evaluate my eating habits; do I really want to eat something that a chicken has pooped out of it's butt?

Why yes, I believe I do.